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Our philosophy at Creatively Stocked is to curate a collection of images that tell “the” story from the perspective of people of color. We are on a mission to redefine the narratives assigned to ‘being’ black or brown by capturing powerful imagery that normalizes certain narratives.

Each narrative will chronicle that importance of representation within media and digital platforms. Our purpose is to curate collections that spark a connection with people of color who need to see their stories. Representation is important because we as a collective need to see our stories told and our narratives normalized, in order to change the way the media portrays what it is to be black and brown.

Just take a moment to think about how people of color are portrayed in the media and compare that to some of our most powerful images in history. There isn't enough positive imagery today and it’s our job to rewrite the narrative.


Creatively Stocked was Founded By Janae Bryson. Janae is the Founder & Brand Stylist of Auden & Company, a creative branding and marketing studio. In her experiences creating content for black owned business, Janae stumbled upon a reoccurring dilemma… limited affordable stock images that displayed people of color in “normal” narratives.

Coming up mainly empty, Janae decided to launch a stock image website that was dedicated to people of color. Her vision behind Creatively Stocked was to provide quality images with three main objectives.

  1. Positive Narratives of People of Color

  2. Keeping Creativity & Trend in Mind

  3. Affordability & Ease of Use.



All great ideas are built with community in mind. Our community is dedicated to executing the philosophy of Creatively Stocked. We value the community we have created through highlighting the shared experiences of people of color.


Representation is defined as “the description or portrayal of someone or something in a particular way.” We are dedicated to representing people of color by accurately sharing the positive storyline of our narratives.


We are rooted in creativity. Each narrative we shoot has creativity as our focus. We want to create stock images that are current with social media trends so small business owners, creatives and average people can confidently use our stock images.

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