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Image From Our Coffee Narrative | Shop Here

The goal should always be to expand beyond the stereotype and provide representation of what it is to be black,” Bryson explains of her mission. “We have a collective need to see our stories told and our narratives normalized, in order to change the way the media portrays what it is to be black and brown.
— Janae Bryson - FreshWater Cleveland

Welcome to Creatively Stocked, a stock image resource dedicated to capturing visually diverse narratives of people of color! I wanted to take a moment to welcome you all here and share our journey to advocating for representation.

Last year, I was a few hours into developing a monthly content strategy for a client. My client, a black owned business, had a limited budget for brand photography and I was having the hardest time finding imagery that would tell their story. After hours into searching on stock image websites, both free and paid, I just came up empty. The images that made the cut rarely included people of color. The images that did include people of color were unauthentic and told one narrative of what it was to be black and brown! That moment I knew if I couldn’t find a stock image website that highlighted people of color in a positive way with images that were authentic, that I would create one.

Just like that Creatively Stocked was born! A space where people of color are celebrated. We are taking back control of the narrative! As a community, we deserve a space that shatters stereotypes and highlights our culture in a positive way. With our 24 hours access to media, both news and social, we are constantly seeing the negatives of what it means to black and brown. We are constantly tearing at the seams of each platform just to get a little good in the mix.

My entire vision with Creatively Stocked is to create positive role models through our imagery! How? By creating a platform where children will see people who look like themselves when they see ads. The concept of role models was created for people to have somebody to look up to, If people of color only see white people within our advertisements, then certain career paths seem unattainable. This includes ads, influencers, branded sponsor posts - it is so important to adapt to the generation and come to them where they are the most influenced.

My ultimate hope is that when people or businesses use our stock images that a little human will see their future selves in our images. That reflection will spark a big hope, that hope will spark their first chapter and that chapter will spark their narrative.

Join Us on our journey to provide representation! Share our website with a business or a friend, purchase an image, refer a model, tell a photographer, connect with us on social. It will take a village to effectively narrate our stories!

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